Answers to some frequently asked questions.

What type of carriages are there?

The carriages are refurbished heritage carriages built approximately 100 years ago in the same period as the locomotive.

What is the seating arrangement?

Most seats are configured in a 2 x 2 arrangement.  That is two seats on either side of a central aisle.  Apart from the end bulkhead seats the remainder are reversible to either face the direction of travel or to face other travellers in your group.

Are seats on the train reserved?

Seating is not pre-allocated.

Is there food available on the train?

You are more than welcome to bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic beverages on the train during your steam train excursion.

Can I bring my own beverages on the train?

It is not permitted to bring your own alcohol on board the train for consumption during the journey. You may bring your own non-alcoholic beverages onto the train.

Are there toilets on the train?

Yes, there is a toilet on most of the carriages.

I would like to travel to Kaikoura by train, when will this be possible?

The rail route to Kaikoura will be re-opened once the extensive earthquake-damage to the line has been repaired. Please let us know that you are interested and we can keep you posted on developments.

Can I move about the train?

Yes, passengers are welcome to move from car to car.  However, care must be exercised when moving between cars, no bare feet and children must be accompanied by an adult.  Standing on the gangways between carriages is not allowed.  Restrictions on moving about the train while passing through tunnels may apply.

What is there to do in Blenheim?

The sunny town of Blenheim is ideal for those who want to explore the local wine and food culture. In and around Blenheim, you will find a pleasing selection of cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, artisan food outlets, parks, golf courses and many other activities.

Can I smoke on board?

Smoking is not permitted on the train. This restriction applies to all areas of the train including outside on the open end balconies.

Is the trip suitable for children?

As long as children are accompanied by a responsible adult, children are welcome on board. Children 3yrs and under travel for free provided they are sitting on an adult’s lap and not occupying a seat.

Where can I book?

Train tickets can be purchased:

Can I bring my bags on the train?

Providing your baggage is under 25kg then we will transport it free of charge. If it is over 25kg then extra fees may apply.